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Graduation Ceremony
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As Salaamualikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

Thank you for visiting our school website. Westfall Academy is a full time Islamic School Pre-K- 7th grade located in Brighton, NY.
The school operates under the Islamic Center of Rochester. Please feel free to browse through our website; look at the photo gallery, get information about enrollment procedure, and leave comments. If you want any additional questions you can email the principal at yasminkbr@yahoo.com.

WESTFALL ACADEMY is enrolling student for the 2017-2018 school year in grades Pre-K (3 year old) to 7th Grade. Go to ENROLLMENT to download application form, fill out the form and mail it or email it to us at yasminkbr@yahoo.com. School bus transportation is available through the home school districts. You have to apply for bus as soon as possible. Transportation is available in grades Kindergarten through 7th grade. No bus for Pre-K students; parents have to provide transportation.

Please schedule a visit of the school if you are considering enrolling your child by calling emailing me at yasminkbr@yahoo.com or Sr Becky at beckylynn14519@yahoo.com for an appointment. You can look into classrooms when school is in session and talk to the school administration to get your questions answered.

We do have limited financial assistance available for financially needy students. It is based on financial need and first come first serve.

We do not have summer school. The office is open only on certain days with limited summer office hours 7:30-3:00pm on the following days:

  • July 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31
  • August 1, 7, 8, 28-September 1

We can schedule other days by appointment only.

You can always email me with further questions at yasminkbr@yahoo.com.

Jazak  Allahu  Khair                                                                                                                                 Yasmin Kabir                                                                                                                                           Principal                                                                                                                                   Westfall Academy


School Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Westfall Academy is committed to providing students with an excellent academic and Islamic education and firm grounding in moral and ethical values of Islam as a religious belief and a comprehensive, balanced and moderate way of life, in the context of Quran and the Sunnah, which is to achieve a balanced, tolerant and an understanding human personality.

Our Vision
Westfall Academy seeks to develop in each student a positive identity as a Muslim who is prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Westfall Academy students are expected to integrate academic skills, Qur’anic principles, and ethical behavior in order to make positive contributions to the ever-changing global community. Westfall Academy aims to develop in each student a balanced character enriched with knowledge, inspired to excellence, and committed to the betterment of family, community, and humanity.


Westfall Academy is accepting donations for its Financial Assistance Program that supports students who have financial needs. The donation is used 100% towards student tuition. Westfall Academy is a full time Islamic school Pre-K-6th grade. The school is fully supported on tuition. All money donated goes to needy students’ financial assistance program. Our mission is full commitment to providing students with excellent academic and Islamic education ,
in firmly grounding them in moral and ethical values of Islam as a religious belief and a comprehensive, balanced and moderate way of life, in the context of Quran and the Sunnah. Through this, we seek to achieve a balanced, tolerant and an understanding human personality contributing positively to society.
If you would like to donate to the school please click on DONATION to download a pdf donation form and follow accordingly. Supporting Islamic Education is a Sadaqa Jaria that will keep growing long after you are gone and on the day of judgment when we all will be looking to every bit of good deeds done, this will insha Allah stand out like zamzam water to a thirsty body.




During this month of Ramadan, the blessed month of Ramadan we pray that Allah (SWT) accepts our fasts, our Salah, our duas; forgive our sins protect us and our families. May Allah guide us and our children on the path of Al-Islam, strengthen our imaan, increase out Taquwa; keep us in constant remembrance of Allah. May Allah make our children pious, righteous, kind, and generous; make them well versed, knowledgeable, give them wisdom and make them leaders of the Ummah of Rasul Allah(S). May our children be shining examples to others.

May Allah make us and our children obedient to Allah first and foremost and then to the Sunnah of RasulAllah (S). May Allah protect us and our children from malice, jealousy; make them strong in their deen such that they never encounter doubt.

May Allah be pleased with us all, reward us for our struggles and accept our efforts. May Allah give us success that come from Him and happiness that comes from Him. Any other success and happiness is transient; only that which comes from Allah is everlasting. May Allah protect our honor and dignity. Protect us from diseases and poverty. Make us givers and not takers.

May Allah make our last day the best day, our imaan be the strongest.

O Allah convey our salaams to Prophet Muhammed (S), the family of Prophet Muhammed (S), the Sahabas and Ansaris of Prophet Muhammed (S) and the entire Ummah of Prophet Muhammed (S); forgive our sins and bless us all.