Bonnie Malley


I am Bonnnie Malley. I have been teaching math at Westfall Academy for two years. I completed my undergraduate degree at SUNY Geneseo; graduating with a degree in Childhood Education, as well as, Special Education. My master’s program has been completed through Walden University with a major in English and Mathematics. Upon review of my portfolio, I will have my degree soon.

When I am not teaching, my two sons (Jacob and Matthew) keep me very busy. I am a member of the youth baseball board in my town, in addition to volunteering within my community.

I have really enjoyed teaching the Engage NY, common core curriculum, despite the negative publicity common core has received through the media. I believe in the foundation of common core, and given the chance, feel that this program will be successful. With any new changes, there are obstacles that must be overcome. Thus far, it has proven successful with my students. It takes a lot of hard work, on teachers, students and parents to understand the basis of the program. Here at Westfall, the benefits are really shining through!

I have grown to love this school, and the community for which I belong. Everyone is very kind and treat each other with love and kindness. I look forward to coming to school every day to see my extended family!

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