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Salaamualaikum! All students grades 3-6 have been given a project that MUST be completed and handed in by Monday December 1, 2014. The students are required to use the sales ads and flyers that have been sent to you, as part of their budget project. Each class has been given a description of the project, a budget invoice and construction paper to use their creativity to show what they would purchase if given a stated amount of money to spend during the Black Friday shopping sales. 5th and 6th graders are expected to add tax, while 3rd and 4th graders “purchases” are tax-free. I have spent an entire class period with students going over expectations, and demonstrating examples of how to create this fun project. Students must cut out the items they want along with the cost, getting within $1.00 (without going over) their respected budgets. This projects assesses many standards, included but limited to; estimating, adding, multiplying, range, percentage, decimals, money and real world situations.
The students are very excited about this project and have told me how much fun this seems. Students will be graded on the accuracy of math, creativity, and neatness. They will need a title page, and the budget summary sheet (at the end). I am asking that you assist your child, if needed, but let the majority of this be their project. I am planning on displaying these items for the school to see the “shopping trip” the older students went on during their break. I hope you are as excited as the children are about this project, and I look forward to the finished products! Enjoy your break and I will see you at the parent-teacher conferences December 4!

Sr. Bonnie

About Bonnie Malley

I have been teaching math at Westfall Academy for two years. I completed my undergraduate degree at SUNY Geneseo; graduating with a degree in Childhood Education as well as Special Education. My masters program has been completed through Walden University with a major in English and Mathematics. Upon review of my portfolio, I will have my degree soon. When I am not teaching, my two sons (Jacob and Matthew) keep me very busy. I am a member of the youth baseball board in my town, as well as volunteer within my community. If you would like anything else added please let me know. Thanks.
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