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My name is Yasmin Kabir. I am the founding principal of Westfall Academy. I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Chemistry and a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. I pursued a three years Honors program in English Literature at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2004, after teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology for 10 years, I decided to give up my teaching position to set up an Islamic school for the Muslim children in the Rochester area. Westfall Academy was thus established, operating under the umbrella of the Islamic Center of Rochester.

I have been involved with the Islamic Center of Rochester since 1994 coordinating various programs and events. I organized several Upstate ISNA conferences. I presented many talks on Islam at various local schools, churches and interfaith programs. I served on the CCMR (Commission on Christian Muslim Relations) for several years. For the young Muslims of Rochester, I established the ICR Nasheed Chorus group that performed at various places locally, and traveled to Chicago to perform at the ISNA Conference with Brother Dawud Wharnsby Ali. The nasheed group also performed at the School of the Arts with Brother Dawud Wharnsby. I wrote and directed Islamic plays performed by the ICR youth group at the conference.

I am an experienced artist and designer of fabric art. At one time I owed my own boutique where I sold women’s outfits that I designed, stitched and hand painted. During that time I conducted annual Mother Daughter fashion shows for three consecutive years, sponsored by the Town of Perinton.

I am proficient in calligraphic paintings. During the summer of 2008 I worked as the director for the ICR Summer Camp.

I am the mother of two children; Ishraq Kabir, graduated medical school and will insha Allah start residency in General Surgery in July 1016 and Sumaiya Kabir, a third year medical student. My daughter recently got married!

My husband, Khan is a retired electrical engineer who volunteers extensively at the school and has been my greatest support in establishing and running the school. Since starting the school I have taken extensive training and necessary courses in School Building Leadership (SBL) and School District Leadership (SDL) through the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ School Leadership Program.
Westfall Academy now caters to Pre-K through 6th grade Alhamdulillah!!
I am humbled and privileged to be working with your children. To me they are like my own. I respect your trust and take this amanat very seriously. May Allah subhanawatala guide us all and accept our struggles, our efforts and forgive our shortcomings.

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