6th Grade Update

Most students have completed their NYS common core math test this week. All students worked hard and we should be proud of the hard work they put forth. I am super proud! Moving forward, we have started module 6, which statistic. In a couple weeks students will be given their end of year, project. In the past years, students are super excited to complete this project and I feel this will be no different. There are many activities planned for the remainder of the school year, so please read your Sneak Previews carefully.

About Bonnie Malley

I have been teaching math at Westfall Academy for two years. I completed my undergraduate degree at SUNY Geneseo; graduating with a degree in Childhood Education as well as Special Education. My masters program has been completed through Walden University with a major in English and Mathematics. Upon review of my portfolio, I will have my degree soon. When I am not teaching, my two sons (Jacob and Matthew) keep me very busy. I am a member of the youth baseball board in my town, as well as volunteer within my community. If you would like anything else added please let me know. Thanks.
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