Fire Safely Presented by Brighten Fire Department !


About Amanee Albaram

My name is Amanee Albaram. I am originally from Sana'a Yemen. I am pleased with a big wonderful supportive family, and I am a mother of two little angels Zahra and Saeed . In my free time I like to read Arabic and English literature books, cook Yemeni dishes, and spend time with family and my little ones. It has been my pleasure working at Westfall Academy for more than ten years! I have bachelor’s degree in English language and translation. I also have an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Monroe Community Collage . I like working with little students and be part of their little interesting world!
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2 Responses to Fire Safely Presented by Brighten Fire Department !

  1. Yasmin Kabir says:

    Thanks for posting the photos! Looks great.

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