Kindergarten Math Learning Activities .

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( Make informal comparison of area) Students are doing their personal best to complete the activities. They are using different items to measure the area of the shapes.

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Handmade Bird-Feeders

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The students made cute handmade bird-feeders :)… This quick project was a fun way we spent  together in the class and taught the students to appreciate wildlife right in our school backyard.

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Winter Activities in KinderLand :)

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Our students had so much fun making snow-inspired crafts. We made “snow paint” for our snowmen and used blue and purple tissue paper for the sky. They also used glitter, glitter glue and permanent marker.The students had did an wonderful … Continue reading

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Salaam Westfall families:
My name is Rebecca Swanton and I am an English Language Arts certified educator currently teaching 3rd through 7th grade ELA at Westfall. I started my career in years 7 and 8 ELA in Sheerness, England. I also taught 8th grade ELA in Seattle, Washington. For the last few years, I worked locally in the Greece Central School District running an SAT preparatory class and substitute teaching. Of note to the Westfall Community, I am well traveled and have had the opportunity to live in many areas of the world such as Ankara, Turkey from 84’-88.’ I currently live here in Rochester with my husband, three sons, and assorted pets.
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Great time!!

Our students enjoyed AL different activities 

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My name is Natalie Malick, and I am the second grade teacher.  I recently moved to the Rochester area from Olean, NY.  This is my first year teaching, and I am so happy to be a part of the Westfall Academy family!

I attended the State University of New York at Fredonia for undergraduate studies and Saint Bonaventure University for my master’s degree. I currently hold certifications for Childhood Education, Special Education, and Childhood Literacy (Birth-6th).

My passions include working with children, playing volleyball, being outdoors, reading, and spending time with my family. I played volleyball throughout middle and high school, and I played on a competitive travel team. I still enjoy playing in sand volleyball leagues. My family holds a very special place in my heart, and I enjoy events that bring us together.

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Stokoe Farm Trip 2017-2018

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Great time !! The kindergartners  enjoyed all the slides and the corn pit. It was a lot of fun with many different activities. We picked  pumpkins fresh from the field and enjoyed a wagon ride 🙂 .

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Inside the Kindergarten Class

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The kids are holding the craft they made for letter “F” “F is for fox”. Behind them  are two another crafts for letters “E -e is for egg,  and G- g is for goose”. The cute dinosaurs for  letter “D” … Continue reading

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Kindergarten and Native American Costumes

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Kindergarten explores the Native American’s life style and the way they dress. They made Native American’s paper bag vests and headbands.

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Fall Festival

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